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What is the Creative Boss Society?

The Creative Boss Society is a monthly, educational-based mastermind group. It's a place I designed to help you, the creative boss, feel empowered, and be empowered to reach your full potential, to get a chance to do what you want to do, how to get...

The Importance of Entrepreneurial Mindset Work

The Importance of Entrepreneurial Mindset Work Your mindset is everything when you’re starting in your business. Finding ways to practice a positive mindset routine can make all the difference when the going gets tough. Being an entrepreneur is no...

What Is a Creative Boss, and Are You One?

You may or may not have heard the term "creative boss". Whether it's through my membership or just within the online business world, it's important to know that a creative boss can be many things. So if you're struggling to identify yourself as...


The Creative Boss Society