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What is the Creative Boss Society?

The Creative Boss Society is a monthly, educational-based mastermind group.

It’s a place I designed to help you, the creative boss, feel empowered, and be empowered to reach your full potential, to get a chance to do what you want to do, how to get more sales, what to do when the shops close down, etc. And when I say educational-based, I’m talking about the on-demand trainings that are available to you. There’s an entire vault built specifically to help creative business owners. It includes trainings, step-by-step strategies, and mastermind calls. All with up-to-date information and different niche-specific topics to helping business owners, like yourself, grow. So, here are three things that I know for a fact this membership can do for you. 


Stop the Search 

I spent the first three years of my business Googling all the things. It took me years to grow my business to what it is now, so I’ve created the Society to be a place where you can access all the tools you need to succeed. I want you to stop the search. No more searching Google and no more trying to find all the right tools across the web. 



The second thing that this membership can do for you is getting you the accountability you need and your questions answered. We see other people doing things that we want to figure out how to do, and that’s why this membership is here. Working with other creatives means you can find people in the same place or are in the same stages of their careers. Know that you’re not alone, but that you’re also able to get the answers. Our members show up each week, and we help each other figure out how to get things done. And, sometimes, that’s what you need. 


Learn to Collaborate

The third thing that the Creative Boss Society can do for you is to help you learn to collaborate and reach your growth goals. We want you to grow. We want your business to grow. We want you to do the things you need to do to reach where you need to reach. So if you are stuck, we will help you dive deeper with an audit. We will pull up your sales page and break it down and give you some feedback. We will provide you with a resource specific to you and your needs, with a step-by-step guide to help you fix your sales page so that people will buy. We will help you go in and dissect those things and get what you need. That’s the collaboration. 

The Creative Boss Society is a place for you to step into and not have to shed thousands of dollars to get the clarity, direction, and access to the on-demand trainings to grow your business right now. If you want to reevaluate your offer or go back to some of the necessary steps because your company is brand new, then let’s talk. The Creative Boss Society is where I’m teaching other creatives how to use methods that I have applied in my brand and business to grow. I will help you get straight to the strategy that is working for you. Let me know if you have any questions. I’d love to help! You can also find me on Instagram. To continue your journey as a Creative Boss, you can find me at — or


Hi friend, I'm Crystal!

After spending 6 years growing a successful Commercial Photography business, I wanted to design a community and support system that provided other Creative Business Owners with the opportunities they need. No more struggle, wondering, and searching for the keys to grow a business. In the Society, you get to empower yourself by selling more confidently, implementing strategy with confidence and supporting one another along the way. Those key pillars are what make a business owner successful! And I know this personally because they are the things I’ve used to grow my business from hobby to success! I look forward to supporting you and your business inside the Membership!


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