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What Is a Creative Boss, and Are You One?

You may or may not have heard the term “creative boss”.

Whether it’s through my membership or just within the online business world, it’s important to know that a creative boss can be many things. So if you’re struggling to identify yourself as one, here is a list of different things that a creative boss can be.

A creative boss is a person who strives to make products and services that directly channel their creativity and uniqueness. Their products and services are sometimes innovative, customized, or art-focused.

A creative boss can be an introvert or highly functioning introvert who may create amazing things but but struggles to feel empowered and confident in marketing and selling those items.

A creative boss can be an entrepreneur who has all the bells and whistles in order but lacks crucial support every business owner needs when running a business.

A creative boss can also be an entrepreneur who has a steady flow of income but doesn’t know how to increase revenue streams to become more profitable and financially secure.

A creative boss can be an entrepreneur who wants to break away from their corporate job and turn their hobbies into a business but doesn’t have the guidance, ongoing support, and accountability to get started.

A creative boss is someone who knows how to create their products from scratch, has ideas to create more, and knows how they want to implement their strategies, but lacks the technological side to get things going.

A creative boss can also be someone who has manu ideas but isn’t sure how to put processes into action and get the business up and running.

A creative boss can be someone who has started their business, has consistent income, but maybe wants to find their niche to focus more on their ideal clients or customers.

A creative boss may lack the knowledge of monetizing their branding and services and need the concrete steps to help put them in the right direction.

As you can see, there’s no one definition for what a creative boss is. There’s a lot that comes with being a creative entrepreneur and sometimes all you need is some extra support and a community to help bounce ideas back and forth. This is why it has been crucial for me to continue to provide this opportunity for boss babes like you in my membership. The Creative Boss Society isn’t just any membership; this is the space where Creativity meets the CEO you’ve always wanted to be! Here you will learn to channel the creativity that goes into your products and put it into your business to leverage success! Are you ready for it?

Hi friend, I'm Crystal!

After spending 6 years growing a successful Commercial Photography business, I wanted to design a community and support system that provided other Creative Business Owners with the opportunities they need. No more struggle, wondering, and searching for the keys to grow a business. In the Society, you get to empower yourself by selling more confidently, implementing strategy with confidence and supporting one another along the way. Those key pillars are what make a business owner successful! And I know this personally because they are the things I’ve used to grow my business from hobby to success! I look forward to supporting you and your business inside the Membership!


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